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Bookish Merch: Floating Starlights First Impressions (May Rep Package)

Happy Monday! I hope your week is off to a good start! I’m finally finished with my second semester of classes and my summer courses don’t start until June 26th, which means I have the next 2 months to relax. I’m literally so excited to wake up early and not have to worry about studying and homework!


If you didn’t already know, I was chosen to be a Bookstagram rep for Floating Starlights (@floatingstarlights) for May, June, and July! They are a newer bookish candle business that sells loads of adorable goodies including tealights, wax melts, and bookmarks. They have created themed collections of scents like Harry Potter, Jane Austen, and Star Wars just to name a few! Everything is handmade with love and it really shows in the quality of their work!

Here’s what I received in my first rep package:
***Disclaimer: These products were sent to me free of charge in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.


“Touch The Spindle,” Maleficent-Inspired Bookmark – Maleficent has always been my favorite Disney villain. I always loved her because she is as evil as she is beautiful, compared to other classic Disney villainesses. Believe it or not, I’ve yet to see the live-action Maleficent, although I’d still love to one day! This bookmark is water-colored and so the material it’s painted on is thick and quite sturdy, so I’m not afraid to use it! I love beautiful bookmarks, but sometimes I hate to use them lest they get damaged. But I think this one will hold up just fine. I love that it’s green like Maleficent’s skin and you can tell it was created with love!

Harry Potter Tealights – The Harry Potter Collection features 4 delicious scents that remind me of a bakery! I always try to smell candles and see what they remind me of without looking at the actual descriptions.

  • Essence of Crabbe (Yellow) has a strong vanilla scent to it that reminds me of yellow cake! My friend Winnie, @hundredacrebooks, (my candle sniffing guru) suggested that it might be reminiscent of “the vanilla cupcakes that floated in the air for Crabbe to eat so they (Harry & co.) could stuff him in the closet with Goyle.” And I was just like…”YES, WINNIE. YES!”
  • Let The Feast Begin! (Navy) definitely reminds me of blueberry muffins! Fact: my dog’s favorite human snacks are blueberries and blueberry muffins haha.
  • Dementor’s Kiss (Light Blue) has a fruity kind of scent – I believe it’s some kind of berry, but I’m not sure which. And there’s definitely some vanilla mixed in it too.
  • Department of Mysteries (White) smells exactly like cocoa butter to me! I’m not the biggest fan of cocoa butter, but CB fans will love it!

What’s amazing about these tealights is that their scents are so strong – in a good way, though! I could smell them as I was taking them out of the package.

Fanny & Edmund 4 oz. Candle – I was asked to choose a 4 oz. candle with any scent I’d like and while I haven’t read Jane Austen’s work (don’t hate me!), I was completely enamored by all the scents in the Jane Austen collection which are inspired by four leading couples! I narrowed it down to either Fanny & Edmund or Elinor & Edward, and told shop owner, Jess, to surprise me with either one. The F&E candle I received is a lovely bluish-purple color and smells like strawberries! I personally love all sweet scents, but this one would be a good fit for anyone who prefers naturally sweet scents over sugary kinds. I hate to burn my lovely candles because I just want them to last forever! But post-burn, the smoke really brought ought the slight floral scent which is just so lovely! I sure hope Floating Starlights starts offering their collections in tin candles soon, because I need to get the entire Jane Austen collection!

Verdict: I am so impressed with my first rep package! I am a sucker for pretty packaging and everything not only smelled amazing, but looked amazing too. I honestly loved all the pieces I received and can’t imagine burning any of my candles! If you’re looking some affordable bookish goodies that are both great quality and visually pleasing, definitely check out Floating Starlights shop.

Don’t forget to use my Rep Code PRETTY10 to get 10% OFF your purchase!!

I think I already know what I’d like to try for next month (that is…if I don’t make myself even more broke before I receive my June package, LOL).


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