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Bookish Merch: LittleInklingsDesign Bookmarks & LunaLovebyCorinna Candles

Happy Friday! It’s so so so bad of me, but I’ve been on a bookish spending spree and I MUST be stopped!! What’s even crazier is that I had to call my bank today to block my debit card and get a new one printed because someone tried to spend over $300 on junk from somewhere in Japan! LOL?! No one messes with my book money except for me!

ANYWAY…today’s post features some lovely bookish goodies that I unboxed this past Tuesday on bookstagram.

***All products in this post were purchased with my own money. I am always happy to support bookish businesses, no matter how small, when I can!***

I totally caved and decided to buy some bookmarks from Megan of Little Inklings Design when I saw them all over my bookstagram feed. Totally makes me think of Mean Girls… one day, Regina was wearing army pants and flip flops, so I bought army pants and flip flops..LOL!

Since it was my first time ordering, I decided to go for a set of 3 bookmarks but honestly…I almost wish I went for the set of 5 or set of 10 because Megan’s bookmarks are absolutely stunning. Her handwriting is just gorgeous and the color palettes she uses are so beautiful – they make taking photos so easy because each one of them is beautiful on their own!

Here are the bookmarks I selected if you’re interested:

Do yourself a favor and treat yourself to 3…or 5…or 10 bookmarks by Megan – you will NOT regret it. Her pieces are absolutely affordable and will brighten up your reading experience and bookmark collection!


I came across Luna Love by Corinna when one of my followers entered her ACOWAR inspired giveaway a few days ago. I had messaged her telling her that her candles were just gorgeous and that I couldn’t wait for her giveaway to be over, so I had to order one right away! She was so sweet and we had this whole discussion about what candle I should purchase first, because she wanted to make sure I had the most wonderful first experience with her work! I honestly couldn’t decide and ended up purchasing two.

The West Wing is inspired by Beauty and the Beast and features a red glittery top! The scent of this lovely candle is quite musky with a hint of rose. It totally smells like what I want my future husband to smell like, LOL! It’s a masculine scent, but the rose makes it just the slightest bit feminine. Like the Beast’s enchanted rose, it’s a secret amidst the darkness and it’s just perfect. I especially love the after-smell of this – the smoke mixed with it is just amazing!!

This adorable candle is called Faith, Trust, & Pixie Dust and smells like sweet Plumeria! WordPress totally messes with photo quality, so it’s hard to tell, but this also has a glittery top that gives off a slightly pinkish and greenish iridescence – it looks just like pixie dust! Plumeria is a tropical flower and because the smell is so sweet, it makes me think of flower leis, sleeping on the beach, and never wanting to grow up! I especially love sweet scents so this candle was a no-brainer for me.

Each month, portions of Corinna’s sales go toward some charity and for the month of April, which is when I purchased my candles, some of the money she made went toward the Brain Aneurysm Foundation. Corinna is already a lovely soul and this just made me love her and her work even more! Don’t even hesitate, go pick up a candle or two from her. They all run at $10 for an 8 oz. jar and trust me, you’re gonna wish they were bigger! (that’s what she said?? LOL).

Hope you enjoyed these product reviews!  I definitely plan on purchasing from these wonderful artists again in the future. And I’ll be back with more product reviews real soon!!

Have a great weekend, y’all!


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