Bookstagram Roundup: April 2017

Happy Monday and May the 1st, everyone! I originally had my April Reads planned for today, but I’ve just been so so so busy this last week because the end of the semester is here and I have just one more big project due next Sunday! I’m kinda bummed my professors are still making us do a little homework this week since it’s the last one, but oh well.

Anyway, onto the Roundup!

Chatty videos are still going strong and I’ve been getting a lot of great responses to them, which is just awesome! I’ve begun posting #SingPrettyBloopers on Fridays and they are a RIOT! I can be such a hot mess sometimes, haha – but it keeps me humble and reminds everyone that I’m super awkward and as imperfect as they come LOL!

Also, updating my story frequently has made me feeling like a vlogger which is so weird but so cool! I wish I had saved the videos, but I had done a whole lipsync of The Gospel Truth from the Disney movie Hercules which was so so SO much fun, but omg my neck was killing me afterward because I did so many head-bobs hahahaha!

Also, this past Saturday, I had recorded a very long collection of clips discussing my opinions on the whole Diversity in Literature and ACOWAR controversies which have caused a strong divide in the bookstagram community. I’m happy to say that I got only positive and supportive responses from many and that I was able to smile throughout the entirety of that recording! I’ll definitely be writing up a post on what I discussed soon, but here are just a few key points I mentioned…

  1. All opinions and points of view are valuable. Everyone deserves to have their voice be heard, just as people of all races, genders, sexual orientations, abilities, and beliefs deserve to be represented in literature. But there are kinder ways of sharing your opinions with others, even when you disagree.
  2. You can not force anyone to read what you want them to read just because you think your opinion is right.
  3. You do not deserve to be shamed for what you read. There is no such thing as a right reader or a good reader. You can read whatever you want.

Here are some of my posts that I was really proud of this month!

17332496_1403768306364473_5075009425119379456_nApril saw my first official giveaway as a way of giving back for reaching 1k followers!

My winner was the lovely Michelle of @brewtifulbooks and as her prize, I will be purchasing her a subscription book box for one month any time of this year. I created a list of book boxes in the USA for her to choose from.

I’m hoping that if I reach another milestone, I’ll have a special giveaway just for my international followers.

In my last Bookish Update post, I had mentioned that I was chosen to be a rep for the wonderful candle company, Wick & Fable, for the months of June & July. (Promo code is SINGPRETTY10 for 10% off your purchase).

Just this past weekend, I was also chosen to be a rep for In A Paper Forest, run by Hannah (@inapaperforest & @silkandcinnamon). She just opened her etsy shop this weekend as well and you should definitely check out her absolutely stunning handmade bookmarks. My promo code for her shop is also SINGPRETTY10!

This month I also participated in the #ReadOutLoudChallenge which is hosted by the National Book Store of the Philippines! For every 75 videos recorded on facebook or Instagram, a school library is built somewhere in the Philippines. I happen to be 100% Filipino, so I was even more excited to take part in this. I highly encourage any of you to participate in this awesome campaign.

Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter too! My handle is @singprettyreads. If you’re bookish, I’ll definitely follow back.

I hope y’all have an amazing Monday and that your May is off to a great start!!


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