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Bookish Life Update: Upcoming Hauls & News

Happy Friday, everyone! Believe it or not, I do NOT have another book review for you today! I’ve been backing off a bit on my reading since I binge-read like crazy in the last three months. Luckily I’m still over 10 books ahead of schedule, so no panicking for me yet! LOL.

Just wanted to take today’s post to update you on some things going on in my life (particularly on bookstagram!).

1.  As I mentioned in my post on Monday, I’ve pre-ordered some books, but A Court of Wings and Ruin will be released on May 2nd in 11 days!! Let me know if you’ve pre-ordered it too and which edition you’re getting! I’m getting the Books-A-Million Exclusive edition with exclusive fanart!

2. I recently launched my bookish twitter – @singprettyreads ! Give me a follow and I’ll definitely follow back!

3. I’m thinking about when I’d like to do my first bookstagram livestream!! I’m thinking a Q&A with some lip-syncing (OF COURSE – you know my obsession with lip-syncing on my insta-story if you follow me). I’d really like to do it on a weekend. But I do have a lot of international friends/followers, so I’d need to find out what time (EST) works best with some of them!


4. Bookstagram is flooded with rep-searches as bookish businesses are currently looking for grammers to promote their products for the summer. I’m still in the midst of entering some searches, but I was so very fortunate to be selected as a June/July rep for Wick & Fable! I’ll be receiving some candles and literary teas to review for my followers and I’m so so so excited! This is the first time I’ll be representing a bookish business and I can hardly wait til summer!

I jumped the gun and purchased a few candle samplers a few days ago because 1) I’m impatient and 2) I have some funds saved up from Lent plus a few paying-singing gigs coming up, so I was happy to support Jess and her business a little extra 🙂 .

My promo code SINGPRETTY10 is now active so you can get 10% off your order OR if it’s your first order, you can use the code FIRSTORDER to get $5 off!

I’m in the final stretch for this semester, so I really need to buckle down on my final assignments! So I apologize for not being super active!


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