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Library Files: “Nice to meet you, Jack!” (Happy Good Friday)

Happy Friday, everyone and (if it means anything to you) Happy GOOD Friday. As you may or may not know, like Christmas, Easter is an especially busy time for me as I am always preparing to sing for the entirety of Holy Weekend. We just had our Holy Thursday Mass last night, we will have our Mass today at 3pm, tomorrow we have Easter Vigil at 8pm, and then lastly I’ll be singing for Easter Sunday morning at 9am (and I’m getting paid for this one!). What are you up to this weekend? Let me know!

So, I thought I’d start this new segment called “Library Files” in which I share with you some favorite and/or interesting experiences/memories I have from working at a library. I work in the Youth Services department, and so having funny, awkward, and sometimes annoying moments with kids of all ages is inevitable!

One evening, a couple months ago, one of my favorite mommy patrons came in. I hadn’t seen her in a while because her little girl Juliette was too old for Wednesday story time and she stopped taking her baby boy Brian to Rhyme Time on Thursdays because he was starting to get fussy and loud (which is so funny because we always talked about how he was the quietest baby ever). So, I usually only saw them in the mornings. So when they came in that Monday night, I was so excited!

With her was her son, Jack, whom I didn’t meet yet because he came to other kids programs that weren’t during my shifts. So, I already love this family because Juliette, Brian, and their Mom are just the sweetest people ever. But meeting Jack was the absolute best. This little seven-year-old (now eight, I’ll get to that) is too adorable, has the biggest smile, and clearly loves meeting new people. I told him I was so happy to meet him and his mom told me his school librarian is Ms. L who sometimes works part-time at our library too and so Jack and I were talking about how much we love her. And as he brought his book up to my desk to check out, he told me about how his birthday was coming up in a few weeks and I replied saying something like, “You’re going to be turning 8?! That’s so exciting! I’m so happy I finally got to meet you.”

It’s probably my fault, but as I was saying this, I held out my hand to take his library card, but he actually took my hand instead for a handshake and said “I’m happy I got to meet you too!” And his mom and I were laughing so hard! I said in response, “Oh!…Well thanks so much for shaking my hand, but I actually meant to take your library card to check out your book!”

His eyes went so big and he started laughing as he clutched his head with both hands exclaiming, “Oh my gosh! I can’t believe I just did that! That’s sooo embarrassing!” Instead of withdrawing really nervously, he just laughed and shook his head at himself for feeling so silly.

Ok, so like I knew I was going to remember this kid forever.

Fast forward to a couple months after (which was just about 2 weeks ago from today), Jack, his dad, and his sister Juliette come in to check out some books. After saying Hi to his dad and Juliette (who I missed so much too), they went over to the picture book section while Jack and I chatted.

“Jack! I haven’t seen you in months!” And Jack was so smiley, as I expected. When I told him that I’d never forget the first time I met him, his smile got even wider and he said “Oh. my. gosh. That was when I was 7…I’m 8 now! That feels like a lifetime ago!” I laughed so hard because it was literally like 2 months ago.

As they were leaving, Jack said something to his dad, who responded “Ohhhh, so she’s the lady whose hand you shook instead of giving your library card?” And of course, we all just laughed.


I hope you enjoyed today’s library file and I hope you have a blessed Good Friday and a lovely Easter weekend, my friends.




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