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Bookish Life Update: Camden Comic Con Haul

Happy Monday, beautiful friends. If you don’t keep up with me on bookstagram, I went to the Comic Con in Camden, NJ with my sister and friend, Jessie (@thoseinfernalbooks). The Camden Comic Con takes place on the Rutgers campus each year and is free and open to the public! I currently am pursuing my online degree through Rutgers New Brunswick and my sister earned her Animation degree through Rutgers Camden.

The entire event ran from 10am to 6pm and included vendors and illustrators selling all sorts of artworks and merch, tons of cool programs, gaming, and cosplaying of course! We were there from about 2pm til 4:40pm and didn’t get to catch any of the cool presentations 😦 . The one I really wanted to go to was in the morning which was a presentation by Noel MacNeal, a puppeteer who actually was BEAR in Bear and the Big Blue House!! But you should check out the CCC website to see all the amazing guests they had this year.

I actually downloaded my entire Instagram story the day I went to Comic Con, so if you’d like to see what the the place looked like, our shopping adventures, and my general WEIRDNESS, you can watch the video here on youtube: [Bookstagram Story] Camden Comic Con 2017

So Jessie, my sister, and I went into the gym which is where all the vendors and tables were. We literally walked around the entire space, trying to stop by as many tables as we could, and our feet were really killing us by the time we left! But let me show you all the goodies I got because we all know that I can’t go anywhere without buying something haha. I definitely went a little crazy because I haven’t been able to shop online since I gave it up for Lent (which is ending real soon!)


I knew I was going to get one of these amazing prints with Superman and Wonder Woman, but once I saw the one with Batman and Superman doubled up, I knew I had to have it!!


This artist has the most beautiful prints! Visit her deviantart ( to see more!

I knew immediately which ones I had to buy and you’ll see that my sister actually bought the same Rainbow Picninc Extravaganza print that I bought (that’s not actually the title, I just called it that and the artist said she loved it hahaha).


And of course, I couldn’t leave without buying a few funkos! I had been wanting Celebration Belle and Bombshell Wonder Woman for a while now so I was super excited to find them! Also, I don’t even watch My Little Pony (YET), but when I saw them there, I NEEDED one. I was stuck between Trixie Lulamoon and Pinkie Pie, but I decided to go with the latter because even though she was a little more expensive, she was more rare. But I’m seriously considering buying all of the My Little Pony funko pops now…

After shopping we rested for a bit then ventured for some food. There was this awesome Korean fusion food truck and omg my mouth is still watering thinking about it…


Jessie got the chicken rice bowl with yum yum sauce but not kimchi because she’s not a fan of spicy food (but the yum yum spice still had a bit of spice haha).

My sister and I both go Mac & Cheese Eggrolls with yum yum sauce. But for my main entree I got a rib eye taco, while she got the dragon pork dumplings.

Are you drooling yet?!

Lastly, my sister takes way better photos than I do, and since I shared with bookstagram what my sister bought at Comic Con, I wanted to show you guys too! (@jackieleir)

As you can see, my sister picked up some prints and some other goodies too. But I think the best thing she got was the HIM funko from power puff girls haha! He’s kinda creepy looking, but also ridiculously cute! She said that he was staring at her, all fabulous looking, and so she couldn’t not buy HIM, LOL!

If you made it this far, you’re AMAZING! I hope you enjoyed this post! Please watch my story video because I’m super vain and a total dork and enjoy embarrassing myself for my fellow bibliofriends hahaha.

Also, I’m sorry if I’m not super active in engaging in conversation with you guys on here! I’ve been really busy with school, bookstagramming regularly, work, and this week is Holy Week! I’ll be singing Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter Vigil, AND Easter Sunday morning! I’ll do my best to be here with a post on Wednesday. Let me know if you’re going to Comic Cons or Book Cons anytime soon!


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