Bookstagram Roundup: March 2017

Happy Friday, bookworms! I’m back today with another monthly bookstagram roundup! March was really exciting for me on Bookstagram as I was getting closer and closer to 1000 followers which I ended up getting on the 1st of April (No joke…hehehehe)!

Also, March marked the first month that I started recording what I call “Chatty Videos.” Instagram now gives you the option of uploading more than 1 photo/video in your posts, so I’ve started recording minute-long discussion videos to go along with my daily posts (Mon-Fri). I started doing them because it was just easier to “say” things than to try to fit everything I wanted to say into the caption. Also, it’s way more fun now because it allows my personality to really shine through so I really feel like I’m “talking” with my friends and followers! Chatty Cathy is my alter-ego whenever I upload chatty videos because I have such a big mouth and can never seem to stop talking haha! If you’re ever looking for a good laugh, check out my story everyday…my life is so boring, so I try really hard to make it interesting hahahahaha.

Aside from Chatty videos, I’ve also started #SingPrettyDay videos which I post once a week. If not a song of my choosing, I take requests from my followers! So if there’s a song you’d like to hear, DO let me know and I’d love to try and sing it for you (and hopefully NOT sound terrible LOL).

ANYWAY….Onto some of my favorite posts from this month!

17332778_342455869483576_7720279387588788224_nThis Beauty & The Beast inspired photo was done especially for the premiere of the live-action film! If you go to this post (click), I sang one of the new songs, “How does a moment last forever” for my first official #SingPrettyDay!


And I’m not entirely sure what it was about this photo, but it earned over 350 likes which was just such a nice surprise!

And that’s it for this month’s round-up! If you don’t already, I hope you’ll visit my bookstagram, even if it’s just to laugh at me and my weirdness in my story each day LOL! And if you do have a bookstagram, leave your handle below so I can come visit you!

Have a great weekend, everyone!


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