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Bookish Merch: Kindle Paperwhite Review (2 Months)

Happy Friday, everyone! I hope you’ve had a good week. Today I wanted to talk about my Kindle Paperwhite which I got from Amazon back at the end of January. I have owned it for over 2 months now and use it nearly everyday, except for a two week period in which I lent it to my friend, JD, because I owned some e-books that I really wanted her to read.

Before I got my Kindle, I had been reading and borrowing e-books via the overdrive and Kindle apps on my iPad. I cannot live without my iPad BUT it is pretty darn heavy (I own the iPad with Retina Display) and can be a pain to read on late at night which is when I usually read my e-books both because of the weight and the lighting.

So, I decided that I wanted to invest in an e-reader that was only for e-books. I love my iPad and didn’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on another tablet.

After much researching and youtube-review-hunting, I decided on the Kindle Paperwhite which comes at a pretty affordable price, which is just under $150. I decided to go easy on my wallet and opted for the monthly payment plan ($28/month for 5 months). I forget how much it is exactly with 3G, but I just stuck with Wi-Fi because unless you’re obsessed with downloading books on-the-go, there’s really no need for 3G.  It has a storage space of 2GB which is supposed to be about 1100 books. Mine is the latest edition, so I’m not completely aware of any bugs that might have been fixed or improved with each new version.

I immediately fell in love with my Kindle Paperwhite once it came in because it is so stinkin’ cute! It’s about the size of my hand and is comparable to a small notebook. It’s extremely lightweight, making it easy to hold sitting up or lying down in bed (my preferred method). The backlight setting is really awesome because I can read on this with ease late at night in the dark or outside under the sun and not strain my eyes (no glare!). It’s hooked up to my Amazon and GR accounts, so I can easily purchase more books through the device and update my reading status (but you have to be connected to Wi-Fi of course).

Honestly, the only thing that is not “amazing” about it is that it’s a bit difficult to navigate at first. When I gave it to my co-worker, JD, she had a hard time figuring how to go back and forth between the book she was reading and my library of e-books. It does require a bit of exploration, but I’ve gotten used to it. I also like the whole black & white interface, but I wouldn’t mind if it were in color either 🙂 .

Overall, the Kindle Paperwhite is the perfect investment if you only want a device dedicated to your e-book collection which is what made it the right fit for me! It’s perfect for on-the-go and you definitely don’t need the 3G – Wi-Fi is just enough for downloading. 2GB doesn’t sound like a lot of storage, but Amazon will store all your Kindle books on the cloud, so you can easily switch out which books you want on your device immediately. I love my Kindle and am not sure if it’s made my life better or worse because I end up staying up way too late reading on it!


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