Bookstagram Roundup: February 2017

Happy 1st of March and Happy Ash Wednesday if it matters to you! For today’s post, I wanted to share some of my favorite bookstagram posts from the month of February. I’ve been doing really well to make sure that I get at least one post up a day and I try my best to respond to all comments and visit both my followers’ pages and others on IG consistently. I also started using the My Story feature a lot more – I like it a lot better than snapchat which I deleted just to make space on my phone.

I had my first Feature Friday (#sprbfeaturefriday) which is something I’ve been wanting do for a while. Each Friday, I feature some awesome awesome accounts! For my first one, I featured some really great Bookstagram peeps who I’ve had really great DM conversations with. Many thanks to @kmbooks24 @delaknight @glimpses_of_me @faeofnightcourt and @redfoxreads for sharing some laughs, putting up with my weirdness, and going that extra mile to connect with me!


If you have a bookstagram account, please leave your link in a comment below!!

Hope you guys have a lovely rest of your week! I’ll be here on Friday (most likely with another book review).


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