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Book Review: Did I Mention I Need You? (DIMILY #2) by Estelle Maskame


“That’s the thing about distance: It either gives you time to move on from someone, or it makes you realize just how much you need them.”

***Click Here for my review of Did I Mention I Love You?, book 1 in this trilogy.***

If you’ve read my review of book 1 of the DIMILY series, you’d know that I became completely addicted. You may also notice that that review was posted only a week ago, meaning that I just KNEW I had to order the rest of the series to find out what happens next!

This book picks up about a year after the epilogue of the first book. Due to their step-sibling status and the fear of hurting both their friends and family with the truth, Tyler and Eden agree to put aside their feelings for one another, much to my broken heart. Eden’s mother decides to relocate from Portland to Santa Monica to be closer to her new boyfriend, and so Eden gets to finish high school closer to her new friends, boyfriend Dean, and all of her family. During her senior year, Tyler has temporarily moves to New York to go on tour, sharing his story as an abused child growing up.

But summer is here again and before heading off to Chicago for college, Eden plans to stay in New York for six weeks with Tyler, much to the sadness of her boyfriend and mother. Eden feels guilty but can’t help the butterflies in her stomach that come with the fact that she gets to see Tyler again after a year and spend time with him in the Big Apple. But being alone with the one person you had to give up and all those repressed feelings can make you do crazy things.

If book 1 was the calm before the storm, this book is definitely the storm because my heart was thundering throughout the entire book! People always make going to the city seem like a surreal dream and I guess that’s just how it is for Eden having grown up on the west coast her entire life. When she gets there it’s like a dream and a nightmare as the realization that she gets to spend time with her first (forbidden) love and that she and Tyler had never really gotten over each other hits her. I feel like the author just took a bunch of really cute moments she imagined in her head and threw them into one book. Luckily, she sort of stringed them together in a way that actually made for a pretty cute love story in the city.

Eden and Tyler’s relationship in this book challenges me to think about the precision of what it means to be faithful. At this point, Eden is in a good relationship with a good guy who also happens to be Tyler’s good friend. But what’s not so good is that she has been harboring feelings for Tyler and vice versa. It makes me wonder: how wrong is it to give into the person you really love, knowing that the relationship you’re in now is doomed to fail? I hate cheaters. I think that cheating means you were able to put your feelings for someone else on hold. I love Tyler and Eden together, but I’m still wary of them pursuing a relationship while she’s still with Dean. I totally get the whole you can’t help who you fall for thing, but have the decency to fess up! But they’re teenagers and they’re messy, so I’m willing to let it slide for now (and they do feel really guilty…about a lot of things…and it breaks my heart).

The only thing I didn’t really like that much about this book is how annoyingly jealous Eden gets about Tyler. I’m all about fighting for your man, but he’s not even really your man! At least, I don’t think he should be until she’s willing to give up her boyfriend. The author makes Eden into one of those girls and it made me cringe and I was embarrassed for her.

The last couple chapters of this book really had my heart pumping and my stomach churning. I may have even shed a tear – no lie! The story overall is pretty predictable since there’s a third book, but how the author is leading up to the climax is what’s really getting to me. I just HAVE to find out what else she’s going to do to rip my heart up again.

Verdict: I hate that I love this series. Me loving this makes me think of people who love Keeping up with the Kardashians – it’s trash, but it’s ADDICTING! If you’re hoping for even more drama after book 1, book 2 will not disappoint!




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